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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


1. 'I promise I won't leave you.'
2. 'I promise I will take care of you.'
3. 'I promise I won't hurt you anymore.'
4. 'I promise I will always love you.'
5. 'I promise I will change and be a better person.'

Words. Stop for a while and think. How convincing can promises be? When someone promise you this and that, at first you will doubt them based on your past experience. Right?

People said that words are cheap. Personally I think, just because some busted child didn't keep their words, so that's why words are cheap. Lets flip the coin. Since everyone is different, we can't accuse somebody for cheapen their words because some people really mean what they say and they really want to prove their words, but unfortunately they don't know how to. Really?

Yeah. Some people have a very low self esteem, they don't know how to act. In their mind they're afraid that they will get the negative feedback. This type of person actually need someone to motivate them. To find a really good motivator is quite hard. At the end of the day, the low self esteem guy/girl will just keep their intentions to themselves. Words are not proven. Can you blame them for that? Do they cheapen words on purpose? You tell me.

Hey, when you promise someone on whatever matter, it means that you believe you can do as what you've promised. I know that some people make promises because they want to convince people around them. They want to comfort them. Frankly, to me, promises are not convincing at all. I know you feel the same. ( I can see you nodding and muttering 'yesss'. HAHA )
So make sure that you are able to keep your promise before you promise anyone anything. Never abuse promises. You don't want to feel disappointed, do you? Then don't disappoint people around you unless you've been disappointed first by the same person.

In some cases like playboy or playgirl, promises to them are nothing. It's just like blowing candlelight on the cake. Promises are the candles and the soul is the cake. Just to satisfy the soul and to put a smile on somebody's face. The next minute, the candles will be pulled out from the cake. There goes the promises. Gone away.

If you love somebody, don't just on words. Anyone can talk but not everyone can show it in action. So say it and show it. There's nothing to regret as long as you've tried your best. :D

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